Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

All students will be empowered to become life-long learners, ready to embrace the future and contribute positively to their community.

our mission

The mission of Worcester County Public Schools is to cultivate a safe, student-centered, educational environment in which our diverse community of learners develops positive relationships and is prepared for an ever-changing world.

understanding our strategic plan / forward view 2022

Preparing Students For Careers & Higher Education


Worcester County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that every student graduates with the skills necessary to successfully enter higher education or the global workforce.

Forward View 2022 is Worcester County Public Schools’ strategic plan to enable students to realize their own personal successes. The focus areas, goals, and strategies within this plan have been carefully designed from input gathered from all of our stakeholders. It is our belief that Forward View 2022 will keep our school system on course for greatness well into the future.

Introduction Letter

Dear WCPS Community,

I am pleased to present on behalf of Worcester County Public Schools the next strategic plan, Forward View 2022. The launch if this 2017-2022 strategic plan as you can see from its title is about looking forward and planning for the future.

This plan builds upon the strong foundation of success that Worcester County Public Schools has already experienced, but turns our focus to the future. A future in which every student is provided an educational program that inspires a love of learning, encompasses challenging curriculum and provides students with the support to rise to their fullest potential.

Forward View 2022 also demonstrates the shared values of our school system community. In development of this plan, members of each segment of our community were invited to share their ideas for moving WCPS forward. Through meetings with faculties, leadership, community members and students, the strategic planning committee created a plan that reflects our community’s desires in the education of our youth.

Through your review of this plan, you will notice that the goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with measuring our progress are fewer than in previous years. Through research and our committee work, we have determined these metrics to be better indicators of overall school system progress. WCPS has also begun the work to align our school improvement planning, department strategic planning, and leadership evaluation. This alignment will ensure that with each decision made, our core values and ideals are kept at the forefront.

As we move forward, I look to you as a member of our school system community to help us realize success. It is only through continued partnership and collaboration that Forward View 2022 will truly set our students on the path to a prosperous future.


Louis H. Taylor   Worcester County Superintendent of Schools

Louis H. Taylor

Worcester County Superintendent of Schools

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Louis H. Taylor

Worcester County Superintendent of Schools